The Kenred Dorsett Foundation

The Kenred Dorsett Foundation, Inc is a non profit organization in the United States of America. The Foundation is important to us and should be important to you. Expanding a greater knowledge of climate change, law, securities, investments and an awareness of culture and art, will help a new generation of global citizens meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 
We are passionate about our shared home, the planet. We are all guardians and caretakers of the earth and must love and promote equity and peace among those that dwell therein. If we do our duty and take care of mother earth, she will continue to provide for us. Advancing greater awareness of Climate Change and Environmental issues that impact the survivability of the planet and her inhabitants is a critical part of what we do. Small under-developed and developing nations are the most vulnerable. Change will only result from a genuine and sustained global collective effort.

The Foundation has established an alliance with the non-profit organisation -Rise Up -formed to fight social and economic injustice and to promote the advancement of economic opportunities among the African and Caribbean diaspora; to promote and facilitate business development, joint ventures and international strategic alliances to create job and entrepreneurial opportunities. We embrace Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s clarion call, that injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere”.

"The survivability of our planet and its people are at stake. Climate Change is an existential threat to our way of life. However, our quest to change human behaviour to save our way of life must also include adequate attention and resources being made available to empower, educate and uplift the African and Caribbean diaspora. I believe every human-being has an obligation and duty to make the world better, that is what undergirds our efforts. We will continue to do our part.”
Kenred Dorsett

Our Vision

Helping to build better lives, communities and nations through empowering people with the knowledge, tools and skills is essential to sustainability and prosperity. Making better choices about what we do, everyday can help heal and save our planet.

We must and will do our part and invite you to work with us.

How We Help

We believe that education is a critical factor in nation building and the development of peaceful and prosperous societies. The Foundation invests in leadership and educational programmes that provide recipients access to valuable knowledge and training.

Through partnerships with like minded individuals, families, businesses and donors, we are able to carry out our work. We encourage purpose driven living and purpose gifting. 

Become a mentor and financial sponsor to one of our aspirant Youth Ambassadors, by assisting them financially with the resources to complete their training.

Email us at to learn more.

Why 'Keep Making a Difference' Is Important

The ‘Keep Making A Difference’ Project focuses on changing three specific areas for the better; Prison Reform, Economic Empowerment and Climate Change. All are very important to us and the community of the Caribbean diaspora, to ensure that cultures, governments and businesses do their part. In this program we engage the creative community to change hearts and minds through art, spoken word and story-telling.

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