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Kenred Dorsett

Kenred Dorsett is a successful lawyer, entrepreneur and realtor. He has led his own firm for over 28  years and is one of the first Bahamians to establish a Bahamian legal services practice in the State of Georgia, USA.

Kenred is a licensed realtor in the State of Georgia and The Bahamas and loves helping clients find the right property, project or island to fulfil their dreams and objectives. With over 28 years of representing real estate and resort developers, as an attorney, he loves every aspect of real estate and now incorporates his experience into the advisory functions of his real estate practice. Kenred is an entrepreneur.

Kenred loves every aspect of real estate and now incorporates his experience into the advisory functions of his real estate practice. Kenred is an entrepreneur, author and public speaker. He believes in collaboration and is always looking to partner with like-minded individuals. 

After two decades of practising law, Kenred decided to diversify his professional offering and began a career in real estate in 2018. Four years later, the plan for diversification has become a passion and a catalyst for growth, which includes realtor licensure in The Bahamas and the United States.

The provision of concierge real estate services is the best way to describe what he does for clients. As a former Cabinet Minister with responsibility for Housing, he considers it a labour of love to find and create opportunities for the development and provision of affordable housing. Similarly, as a resort development lawyer, he is passionate about being able to provide his extensive real estate advisory experience to assist real estate developers get their product to market quickly and efficiently. 


Kenred has over 28 years of experience in real estate and commercial law. He has represented hotel and resort developers, residential housing and condominium developers, subdivision developers and building contractors; banks, insurance companies; securities and investment firms; and has extensive experience in immigration, probate and estate planning, intellectual property and employment law. He has specialized in representing companies and persons who want to invest in The Bahamas and require local expertise to guide them from concept, through the approvals processes to operationalization. 

He is the founder and Managing Partner of Chancellors and manages the law firm of Kenred Dorsett Law in Georgia, USA. He is also a Consultant Counsel in the firm of C3 Chambers situate in Nassau, The Bahamas. 

Bahamas Invest

Kenred started his own consulting company in the USA, to provide brand representation for Caribbean companies in the USA and vice versa. His consulting business also includes a media division which supports his real estate and consulting endeavours and promotes investment opportunities in The Bahamas. Bahamas Invest, a division of the consulting business provides a one-stop shop for persons interested in investing in real estate or a business in The Bahamas.

Community Leader

Kenred was elected as member of parliament in The Bahamas and served as a Cabinet Minister from 2012-2017 as the Minister of Environment & Housing. He led the ministerial negotiations on behalf of The Bahamas in relation to the Paris Climate Change Accord and is passionate about Climate Change and Ocean conservation. He is focused on developing inspiring leadership and lifestyle communities through education and writing to tackle some of the world’s challenges.

He is focused on inspiring young people to lead in tackling some of the world’s challenges through education, information sharing and mentorship. He is a writer and has developed educational products. He intends to write more and develop innovative educational and inspirational courses and material.

Kenred is the founder of Rise Up Bahamas Foundation and the Kenred Dorsett Foundation.

Personal Life

Kenred was born in Nassau, The Bahamas, grew up on the island of New Providence, attended Boarding School in Leicestershire, England and graduated from Keele University, Stafforshire, England with a dual honours degree in Law & Politics. He is an Attorney-at-Law and is called to the Bar of England and Wales and the Bar of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. He is licensed as a Foreign Law Consultant by the Supreme Court of Georgia and is a licensed financial and corporate services provider and real estate sales agent in The Bahamas. He is also a licensed realtor in the State of Georgia in the United States, where he lives with his wife Tami and their children.

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