Kenred Dorsett is a Bahamian who has always had the interest of all people at heart.


Kenred Dorsett grew up in Highbury Park, a community developed in Nassau in the late 1960s.  His family moved there from their first home on 8th Terrace Centreville before he was born, in 1971.


His dad, Nathaniel Kenred Dorsett, was a BEC meter reader and insurance sales agent, better known as “Nat”. Nat was born in New Bight, Cat Island. His patriarchal family hailed from the Bluff, North Eleuthera. Kenred’s great grand-father left Eleuthera for Cat Island, when he was appointed a Commissioner for the Southern Bahama Islands.


Nat was a “solid as a rock” PLP, who had to leave school at the age of 13 and held three to four jobs for over 25 years before settling into and committing to the insurance industry. He worked hard and excelled as one of the most successful insurance agents of his time.

Kenred’s mother, Joyce, had a tough childhood. She was born in Burnt Ground, Long Island, the last of 11 children born to Timothy and Ellen Adderley. Her parents died before she turned five years old and she was shipped off to live with relatives, George and Rosalie Symonette of St. James Road in Nassau.


Joyce was treasured by George “King of Calypso” Symonette. She worked in aviation, the US Embassy and banking before pursuing a career in cosmetology. She opened her own beauty salon “Hair Unlimited” in the mid-1970s and expanded into retail clothing “Gigi’s” and a cosmetology school in DORSETT HOUSE, the building acquired by Kenred’s parents on the corner of Wulff Road & Mackey Street.

Kenred learnt the importance of hard work from his parents and developed a passion for entrepreneurship.


Kenred’s  childhood was very different from his father’s. His parents built a stable middle-class life. Kenred attended St. John’s Primary School. HE was a Boy Scout and Head Boy. He was christened in the Anglican Church, as his parents were one of the first members of Holy Cross Parish. However, he was raised a Brethren, as his mother attended Abundant Life Bible Church.


Sir Lynden Pindling was an insurance client of Nat. At a young age, Kenred would accompany his father when he met with Sir Lynden. Kenred’s God-father, the Hon. A. Loftus Roker, was very present in his life. Both Sir Lynden and Loftus Roker sparked his lifelong passion for politics and social justice.

After graduating high school, Kenred attended the College of the Bahamas for a term/ He dropped out of COB, worked at Aquapure Water Limited delivering water bottles to food stores and businesses before travelling to Leicestershire, England a year later to attend Irwin Academy where he took his “A” levels. Kenred returned home after completing his “A” levels and was hired by J.S. Johnson & Company in the marine and aviation insurance unit. Kenred worked there for a year before returning to Staffordshire, England to attend Keele University, where he became involved in the University’s administration and began recruiting foreign students from the Caribbean for Keele University. Kenred’s portfolio of “university clients” in the United Kingdom expanded to over thirty (30). He recruited students from the Caribbean and Malaysia. Kenred graduated in 1994 from Keele with a dual honours degree in Law & Politics.


Kenred then attended BPP Law School in London, England and became a member of the Honourable Society of Middle Temple. By the time he successfully completed his Bar Exams, Kenred had become a prominent student leader. He was elected by the UK Council of Legal Education, the first Bahamian student to represent the Society of Middle Temple on the Student Council. Kenred used that platform to advocate for greater equity between the internal and external bar examinations.


As a student, Kenred also returned home and became an advocate and activist for social justice. He co-founded Homes for the Old Lonely & Destitute (H.O.L.D.) which highlighted the plight of the elderly in the over-the-hill communities and also provided food, clothing and other assistance.


After Bar School, Kenred returned to Nassau and joined the firm of Graham, Thompson & Company in 1995. Not abandoning his passion for social justice, he also co-founded “Positive Vibes”, an organization which worked with gangs and young Bahamian men.


In 1997, Kenred could not ignore his entrepreneurial desires and went full-time into his business KMA Dorsett & Associates, which continued the recruitment of students for UK Universities. He then established NSB Education Group, which functioned as a testing facility for Sylvan Learning Centre and represented The Securities Institute in the United Kingdom providing training for the financial services industry. NSB was also contracted by the Canadian Securities Institute to render services.


In 1999, Kenred returned to the practice of law and joined the firm of Lennox Paton. While at Lennox Paton, Kenred assisted with drafting Securities legislation; the electronic communications and data protection legislation and advising the government on matters relating to OECD and FATF. In 2005, Kenred founded his own law firm, Chancellors Chambers a full-service boutique law firm, located on Village Road.

In 2002, Kenred was invited to extend his political involvement beyond PLP Branch politics, where he served as a Youth Officer and National General Council member, and joined Sean McWeeney and Raynard Rigby to draft speeches for the leader of the PLP, Perry G. Christie during the 2002 campaign. After the PLP won the General Election in May 2002, Kenred was appointed Chairman of the Housing Commission; Deputy Chairman of the Clifton Heritage Authority and a member of the Education Loan Committee. He was also elected First Vice-Chairman at the 2002 PLP National Convention. He served in that position until he election as Deputy Chairman of the PLP in 2008. In 2009, Kenred lost his bid to contest the Chairmanship of the PLP but was appointed a Vice-Chairman by the National General Council. Kenred served as a National Party Officer from 2002 to 2012, when he was elected to the House of Assembly as the first member of parliament of the Southern Shores Constituency.

Kenred is married to Tamela Katrese. They are a blended family of five (5) children: Kristina; Nathan; Noah; Morgan & Mason.

As a member of parliament, Kenred fought for more green spaces and recreational areas; the removal of the derelict vehicle dump site from Marshall road; the employment of constituents; advancing small businesses; providing scholarships to students; community support for Garvin Tynes Primary School; Anatol Rodgers High School and the Children Emergency Hostel.

As Minister of Environment & Housing, Kenred led the fight to reform the upstream petroleum sector; legalize the use of renewable energy; expand the marine protected areas network system; create a Sovereign Wealth Fund and the creation of the Public Parks & Public Beaches Authority. Locally and Internationally, he provide leadership on behalf of Small Island Developing States on global climate change efforts.

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